Kent Radiology, P.C. is a consortium of seasoned Radiologists that delivers a progressive, streamlined process of independent imaging evaluations and radiological interpretations in accordance with the accepted standards of radiological practice.  We provide autonomous, objective and impartial second opinion radiological analysis to confirm the accuracy of previous reports and help you arbitrate your personal injury cases.

Our Clients Include:

Insurance Companies
Plaintiff and Defendant Attorneys
Other Physicians

Modalities Include:

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Computed Tomography (CT Scan)
Positron Emission Tomography (PET Scan)
Interventional Radiology
Nuclear Medicine

Why is our service essential to your team?

As one of the most dynamic fields in medicine, Radiology has experienced a surge of new technologies and image-guided procedures, which not only increase the speed and accuracy of medical diagnosis, but also bring about a certain degree of variability in the interpretation of the imaging. Given this variability, it is vital that you select Radiologists who are highly trained in the field and offer proven experience in the latest technologies.

Our Radiologists strive to deliver the accurate interpretations, using easy-to-understand terminology to succinctly detail the disparities often found among readings.

Our Team of Radiology Specialists

All of our physicians are actively practicing clinical radiologists in community and hospital settings affiliated with academic programs. They consistently supply state-of-the-art imaging and professional services to Saint Mary’s Health Care, Mary Free Bed Hospital and multiple outpatient clinics and offices in West Michigan.


Credentials Overview

Kent Radiology, P.C. Radiologists are physicians who have earned degrees at highly regarded medical schools, as well as a five-year residency post-graduate training.  Many of our Radiologists have also completed an additional year of sub-specialty Fellowship training and/or have obtained Certificates of Added Qualifications in a given Radiology sub-specialty.

We expect our staff to stay ahead of the curve; because of this, all of our Radiologists are also required to obtain a significant number of continuing medical education credits in sub-specialty areas each year.



  • Independent Radiology Opinions and Case Reviews
  • Deposition Testimony
  • Expert Trial Services
  • Additional Specialized Studies
  • Our physicians are also available to make presentations on various topics to your organization.

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